Getting Started

Cinematic - is a simple slider script that automatically animates layers of still imagery for creating illusion of 3D. It pans and zooms a photo in direction of slide movement. Slides can be changed automatically in slideshow mode or manually using mouse, mobile touches or by clicking on dots for paging.

You can also use any html markup and shortcode elements as layers to create slides with text, buttons and any other html content.


  • Download the product archive from Envato and extract it. In the root you will find plugin archive called
  • Go to your WordPress Admin site and click on the Add New link under the Plugins submenu. Then click the Upload Plugin button.

An image

  • Choose file in the root of extracted product archive.

An image

  • Click Install Now.

An image

  • After the installation is finished click Activate Plugin.

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How to Use

  • When plugin is activated you will see a new menu item called Cinematic. Click on it. And open an Example slider.

An image

  • Then you will see a constructor, where you can create your own slideshows. For now, for testing purposes click a Copy button to copy shortcode of this slider.

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  • Then go to any page of your site and paste copied shortcode to any place.

An image

  • That's it. Now you will see working slider on you page.

An image


You can choose ready slides for your slideshow from our library of slides. We regularly add new slides to it. You can also suggest desired images for adding to the library. Do it by posting comment with links (from public stocks) at Envato product page.

Preparing layers

For creating 3D slides you need to break your photo into layers. You can do it easily in editors like Adobe Photoshop. To get more information about it watch simple Photoshop video tutorial. We also can create images for you for reasonable price. If you need it contact us by email


Frame Height

Frame height in % of frame width.

  • default: '50%'


Speed of slides movement - a time for switching one slide to another in seconds.

  • default: 4.0


Shows dots for paging.

  • default: true


Enables automatic slideshow.

  • default: true


Slideshow interval in seconds.

  • default: 5.0


Level of zoom before transition. Should be bigger than 1 for zoom in. Can be less than 1 for zoom out.

  • type: number (float)
  • default: 1.5


Transition timing function

  • possible values: 'linear','ease','ease-in','ease-out','ease-in-out'
  • default: 'ease-out'


Duration of transition of layers in a single slide in seconds.

  • default: 5


Initial distance from camera of particular image. Should be in range 0..1, where 1 is infinitely far (image will not become bigger during zoom), and 0 is real zoom level (image will be twice bigger after 2x zoom).

  • type: number (float)
  • default: automatically calculated depending on position in list of images.


Left position in % of frame width.

  • type: number (float)
  • default: 0


Top position in % of frame height.

  • type: number (float)
  • default: 0


Image width in % of frame width.

  • type: number (float)
  • default: 100


Image height in % of frame height.

  • type: number (float)
  • default: 100